Xwing Alliance – Upgrade+TFC Campaign 1 & 2

Xwing Alliance – Upgrade+TFC Campaign 1 & 2

I continue playing this great Star Wars space simulator with the Xwing Alliance Upgrade mod + Tie Fighter Total Conversion reimagined https://www.xwaupgrade.com/ where each new mission is different from before and it adds many new things.

I play at easy because the XWA is different and more difficult, even if some missions are very difficult, play medium level is for experience players which they know how the missions run.

The unique thing that I do not like from the XWA is the map, it does not pause the game as the previous games.

These week I finished the campaign 1 and 2. It is a bit difficult recognize the number of campaign and battle because the game name to the campaign as battle and there is not number for each battle. Have fun.

About the reimagined missions, they remember me to my ideas making some of these missions in the FOC Alliance new campaign where I added different or new units to them. These additions in the TC are great.

Another thing that I do not like too much, it is the starships firing you, they have a great accuracy and it is worse when they destroy all the torpedoes or missiles. It can make some endings impossible because you can not lose because the AI destroyed your mother ship. Probably they resolved it adding more units in battle because it is one of the changes/additions from the XWA, the number of units flying around are huge.

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