Game incursion – Far Cry 6

Game incursion – Far Cry 6

After play this year all the other Far Cry games, with the release from the Far Cry 6, I could not resist to play it. I wanted play it because it was fun and because I wanted know the level from my computers these days because this game is one good representative about what we will see the next year or more with most of the games ported from the new consoles.

I played first in a Ryzen 5 3500X/Gigabyte Windforce GTX1060 3GB/RAM 3733Mhz/Benq Benq EW2440L 1920×1080 60Hz with Vsync activated and next in a Ryzen 5 3600X/Gigabyte Windforce GTX1060 6GB/RAM 3600Mhz Acer Predator XB253QGP 1920×1080 144Hz with Gsync Compatible activated.

Speaking about hardware and the game, you will note curiously how the game does not run your CPU cores at a very high level. Perhaps because it is a port and the PS5 uses 3.5Ghz as maximun and the Xbox 3.8Ghz. Most of the time my Zen2 are fronzen. Even the graphics card is not probably used at 100%.

About the game itself. It was compared by some places as the Far Cry 5 but it is more similar to the New Dawn adding several features added in that version as the workbench where you can modify your weapons. Anyway all these games are very similar and there are not a big amount of new features making the game very different from the game released before. I like it by this because I can start playing without to be lost in the game.

About my test recorded. First from all I played at High detail level. It looks good and as you can see in other recordings, I could not recognize the difference with the Ultra level. But in both computers the Ultra level down the fps easily to the half.

HD textures? there is the option and it says how it requires >11GB VRam, a crazy thing. Playing at High level with the HD textures the game makes the same than if you do not select them and you select Ultra Level. It downs 20fps more or less. But at my opinion, it did not look very well, the HD textures added strange glow in the bodies from the persons in game as you can look in this screenshot.

First from all, you will need the last Nvidia drivers from your graphics card or you will see a message from the uplay forever.

First recording playing in the Ryzen 5 3500X/Gigabyte Windforce GTX1060 3GB/RAM at High level.

Second recording playing in the Ryzen 5 3500X/Gigabyte Windforce GTX1060 3GB/RAM at High level with the HD textures.

Third recording playing in the Ryzen 5 3500X/Gigabyte Windforce GTX1060 3GB/RAM at High level without the HD textures as the first recording. I wanted play more and more, nothing of a bench, just the real game.

First recording with the 3600X/Gigabyte Windforce GTX1060 6GB/RAM checking different settings and the Ultra graphics level. I can not see big differences between ultra and high.

This video is after more of 9 hours playing, in fact, there is some trouble with the uplay because I have played much more of 9 hours but it did not counted more after I played 9:08, very curious. 😯

Just some thoughts about the game itself.

-Many good terrain, many bad buildings where you can not enter.

-Concept of enemies is equal to the previous games. They could change the design from the heavy soldier with the machine gun and the welder helmet.

-New Dawn features as the health bar or workbench are very good. You can fly helicopters, drive tanks, when you reach the north islands, you can make much more things.

-You can ride a horse. Very fun. In the Far Cry 4 you could ride a elephant.

-Two difficult levels, a bit strange compared to other games.

-Many automatic features as the rank levels or abilities. I liked more the system from Far Cry 5 with ranks but I like the auto-get things from enemies. In the previous games you could end tired from click the E key searching things in the enemies.

-There are less animals around the world compared to other Far Cry games, very curious.

About graphics and performance, probably with a better graphics card, it would look a bit better but clearly or the game very bad ported from console to PC or it was deliberately locked and somethings as the use at 100% from a CPU do not go to run ever. We will see if it is fixed because the game can win easily 30 fps more.

Bugs? I have seen at least two. One crash to desktop in a place without any big load and the bug happened before about how your escorts, the friends fighting with you can block your path sometimes and if it happens in a watchtower, you have a big problem in game which saving only automaticaly.

My final opinion after more of 6 hours playing, it is how the game is very fun, very adictive. The difficulty is very well scaled, there are somethings better and probably now you can visit more places without enter in the core of the story breaking your search from new weapons and other things.

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