Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Progress 15/10/2021

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Progress 15/10/2021

I have been continued playing a Total War GC playing with the Fel/GA faction, improving the wrong things that I found and adding some new things.

One of the new features is a Fel Ardent Missile frigate. It is not the usual missile cruiser with a barrage, it has missile turrets and it can make a significant damage to the enemy but without the barrage.

In addition and it does not go to be the last improve from this faction, I have added two ships, first they were to be replacements for some old models but now I go to add them as new advanced units from the Chiss.

These models were designed by Coulden and I go to use even the names given by him. The first is a small Light Cruiser, with a size between 300 and 500 meters, it is a small escort ship which it is against other escort ships and it adds moderate anti fighter defenses to the fleet.

The second is a support cruiser and it is similar to the Ardent Missile Frigate. Even if it looks as a Nebulon B, the Algol is not a Nebulon B, it has 600 meters at lenght and it can be used for many features, this ship will have several different versions with different weapons.

About improves, I have reduced the damage caused by the Golan missiles/torpedoes/rockets. Now they make a big damage but it does not cover a big amount of hull. I know what you can think about the improves from weapons damage made after many time. But these things must be made carefuly, testing them and this mod is huge, one change affects to many things in other parts, nothing can be changed at two clicks.

There are many other small improves as improves from shadows, the new fleets added few time ago for the Fel/GA & Krayt Empire Faction. Many small things which they affect  to other features from the mod and there will be much more additions in the future.

About other things, slowly I am adding the previously commented features from the next big new update which it will be released when it be finished. These are four new factions, the First Order, Resistance, Galactic Alliance and Confederation. New heroes from Star Wars Rebels, Moff Gideon from the Mandalorian and its special Light Cruiser and some heroes from the Episode VII/VIII. Some of these things were showed before at previous news. You can check them. 😉

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