Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Dominion Faction

Star Wars Empire at War – Star Trek Alliance – Dominion Faction

Well, at least the basic part from space for the Dominion is added. I added previously the Cardassians which they can run as a single faction but they are a big part from the Dominion and now I have added the Jem’Hadar and the Breen.

There are several things which they can be improved as the Breen proyectiles, abilities and more but the basic features are running. Probably I add more stations for the Dominion but not more space units by the moment. I leave open the door for new units in the future after the release from this new TNG version.

About the battle recorded, you will note a point told by me before many times. Big ships are not exactly super powerful because they are a very good target. It happens with the Jem’Hadar Dreadnought and it happened before with the Borg Cube. It goes to be difficult to get units from them very powerful because they can not avoid shots and everything counts. A big fleet of ships can damage anything even if it is very powerful. 🙄

What now? mostly complete the ground parts from the Dominion, Borg and Cardassian, it should not be very complex or difficult. But it will be fun and original. Next or at the same time, I will add the DS9 station with a space map from Bajor and several other planets.

About heroes, they will be the last part added and there will be many from all factions. Fortunately for us the TNG era was more explored than other in the Star Trek universe. 🙂

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