Star Wars Xwing Alliance – Upgrade+TFC Campaign 3

Star Wars Xwing Alliance – Upgrade+TFC Campaign 3

I have been continue playing the game Star Wars Xwing Alliance with the mod Xwing Alliance upgrade + the TIE Fighter Total Conversion. The Upgrade mod adds updated graphics, at some ways better than the Star Wars Squadrons and the TIE Fighter Total Conversion adds new missions (optional) reimagined with many new features.

First, the TIE Fighter does not add a good definition for what is a campaign and what is a mission, it is easy lose the count from them. The game itself name to the campaigns as Battles and there is not a number for the missions. I have renamed it a bit and I count them.

The first 4 campaigns are simple and not too fun playing with TIE Bombers, TIE Fighters, Gun Boats and TIE Interceptors but the reimagined missions add new enemy ships and configurations never seen in the game. I like them a lot.

The unique features that I do not like in the game and probably is some from the Xwing Alliance, it is how the Starships fire to the torpedoes and fighters. Attack a Starship is too difficult. The other is the map because in the TIE Fighter enter the map paused the game and in the Xwing Alliance, it does not pause the game.

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