Star Wars Xwing Alliance – Upgrade+TFC Campaign 4

Star Wars Xwing Alliance – Upgrade+TFC Campaign 4

I have been continue playing the game Star Wars Xwing Alliance with the mod Xwing Alliance upgrade + the TIE Fighter Total Conversion. The Upgrade mod adds updated graphics, at some ways better than the Star Wars Squadrons and the TIE Fighter Total Conversion adds new missions (optional) reimagined with many new features.

The Campaign 4 was the most difficult by the moment because there is at least a mission which it is not very well balanced or I should say how some features from the Xwing does not let some features from the mission.

In the mission 4 from this campaign you must protect a station with some Habeen fighters involved, they should be allied but you receive shots from them and most important, you can collide with them. When you play a TIE Interceptor a collision is too dangerous.

At the end, I needed deactivate the collisions because I could not finish the mission.

Other missions were not too difficult. However, I deactivated the rudder because it was difficult fly the fighters without rotate the ship over itself. It distracted me and now I can fly it without be thinking if I must maintain the ship stable.


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