Far Cry 6 / Ryzen 5 3600X GTX 1060 6GB – Last version

Far Cry 6 / Ryzen 5 3600X GTX 1060 6GB – Last version

No, I am not very repetitive showing this game, there are several reasons because I am showing a recording from the game again. First because it has received several updates and the performance is better. Second because I am playing with the FidelityFX, a feature from AMD which it can work with old GTX graphics increasing the FPS and because I have started a new game with the Far Cry difficult level.

Speaking from these points. The game now works better with a better perfomance, nothing from another planet but it is a fact how it works better. Some configurations do not dissapear after leave the game and it works a bit faster.

The FidelityFX is the AMD image scalation program similar as the DLSS but it can work without a AMD graphics cards, you do not lose quality and the game runs faster winning more fps. Win 15 fps or even more is not difficult.

The Far Cry difficult level is the hard level from the game and it is more as the old easy level where the game was more a game where you needed to make sneak attacks instead of assaults and you needed be hidden most of the time. In fact, be hidden is easier than in the other difficult level.

But it is not the easy level, it is more difficult but if you played the game in the other difficulty level, you will like this new difficulty level. It is a new challenge.

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