Game incursion – MechWarrior 5 – Raytracing on/Raytracing off comparation

Game incursion – MechWarrior 5 – Raytracing on/Raytracing off comparation

Yes, lately I have bought a RTX 3060, a expensive but cheaper model if we think how it is a Gigabyte Aorus Elite model. When I saw it 50€ higher than the normal price, I could not resist. It is a perfect graphics card for somebody who he does not play too much but he wants quality.

Today I was testing a game with Raytracing and DLSS. The Raytracing is a graphic effect adding different light to the game. Playing Mechwarrior with it,

This is a image with Raytracing but DLSS at balanced level.

This is without Raytracing and DLSS at quality level.

I have recorded two videos, one with the Raytracing On and one Off. They are recorded in the same part from a mission and just I can say how discover differences is very difficult.

I have showed what happen with the different DLSS, the balanced setting give you more or less 60 fps and it can be played without problems. Of course I use a Gsync compatible screen, a 24.5 Acer Predator XB253Q.

This is the video without Raytracing.

As you can see, the visual difference is zero or very few, I can not note a big difference but the number of fps won are amazing, it jumps from 60 to 160 or more. By what I have seen other RTX 30 do not get better values with Raytracing. I watched a RTX 3080 test and it got an average rate of 70 but the guy playing was using a DLSS set a performance mode and it is one of the things where I can see differences.

Of course, perhaps if you play in a 4k or 2k screen and you use the DLSS at performance mode, the lose of quality be smaller because the graphics card will be scaling the image starting with a bigger image than if it makes it with a 1080p image and the game can show better detail by this reason. But if you had used the RTX 3080 in my 1080p screen, you would not watch a better detail.

Anyway, Raytracing is a joke. It is a bad filter consuming a lot of hardware resources. I do not see the point. This effect does not add anything very good. Clearly it is not as the DXR reflections effect seen in the Far Cry 6 where you can see reflects in the water and clearly there is a big difference between use it or not.

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