Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Balancing CIS fleets

Probably you have played with the CIS faction and you have noted how the initial fleets were too powerful. It was correct that faction with powerful units in the begining because it had them. But it could be made better.

Now the CIS fleet level I does not add Lucrehulk C because the C type was a ship prepared for the droid deployment and control in the planets.

The Lucrehulk C were replaced in that fleet by the Geonosian Pinance. It can sound as a too much powerful unit but the defeat a Lucrehulk was more difficult. The Pinance has a long design but it is only good vs ships with the same size.

Of course the Pinance is not in the CIS fleet level 2.

About the Republic fleets, I have not made any changes the level 1 fleet will be continue being a fleet where you must use tactics if you want win battles. Launch all your units in a big group vs the enemy is not always a good idea with this fleet where there are big units.




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