Close Combat The Bloody First – Veteran progress

Close Combat The Bloody First – Veteran progress

What it started as a Cobra operation addition to the Veteran mod ended in a new version adding 1946 operations and battles with a lot new features.

One of them are new air attacks as the B-25.

Other new bombers are the B-24 and Me262, others have been improved being more useful. More than useless machine guns, these attacks add bombs.

There new units, new infantry from German and US from the year 1946 and new vehicles, M4A3 Calliope, Grille, M8-HMC, M4A3E2 75 and 76,  the M24 light tank, the M26 heavy tank, the Sturmtiger, the M4A3 SdKfz 251/2, the  SdKfz 251/1 Wurfrahmen 40, the Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer and the Flammpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, the M12, Jagdpanzer IV (70), Jagdpanther V, JagdTiger, KingTiger, M18 and more, the amount of new vehicles is big and they are used in these battles. But there are new infantry units, Rangers, SMG teams, new weapons as panzerfauts 60 & 100, shotguns and more.

The addition from new units is always a bit tedious by the need of search info about them, specially vehicles, the armor and other details take a lot of time, there are not too complete data in the net.

Now the point is how I can be adding vehicles and other units for many time but they are not too neccesary for this operations. By this reason, I would like release the mod as it looks now and continue adding new operations, probably smaller operations from Europe. There is not need from to add many maps per operation, three or four are enough.

In the new Cobra operation, I have added at least two change of course depending from your success in two battles. It is a useful feature. Probably here I have explored it very few but it could be used for a operation where you can select different paths as if it was a real strategic map.

The 1946 addition adds mostly more armor and weapons. But there are things used in the normal time line and the what if time line. I have not added yet too modern vehicles, these things take time and first there are a lot of things that I must add.

Vehicles as the Sturmtiger, the Calliope or any artillery vehicle with few exceptions, they can fire blind shots as a mortar. You must put them in places where there are not buildings in front of them and they can fire a curve proyectile over all the terrain. These weapons can make a lot of damage and they act as heavy mortars but they have not a good accuracy.

Other weapons as the Stuh42 or the Sherman 105 fire as tanks.

The flamethowers are the same from the game, there is not a special effect for them and I have made one with only damage and sound but they will continue being non-perfect. Better do not use them too much.

As you can note in this battle, the new way of paint the original 2D buildings works very well, it does not make the map worse and these maps with many houses can be very fun.

You will note how the AI has preferences in armor and other powerful units. It is the reason because I have reduced the amount of support units. The German Normandy campaign got big reduction from these units.

Well, I go to continue working a bit more in this new version but I hope release it before end the year, probably very soon. Mostly I am polishing somethings and I am thinking more in the next operation. By a time, I thought in a Ardennes addition but it goes to be very soon for that, a Ardennes operation would require a lot of additional units, much more than now, even other things as soldiers with winter cammo. It can not be made at two days.

I was thinking more in the Battle of the Hürtgen forest or Holland. Probably a ABTF operation must be made first. It would be a simple operation with only the bridges and few more. If I think it, it can be made very fun and adding strategic capabilities.

Well, I will inform you when I release the new version.

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