Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Progress

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – Progress

Probably many of you were thinking what you will find in the next Xmas update from this mod. Well, the list will be huge but less than it could. As always, there are things which I have not added because they will take a lot more of time.

In the next update there will be several new heroes but they will not be added in any place more than the skirmiss game mode.

There will be several good improvements in Galactic Conquest relationated with all additional factions and how they build new ground structures making the game a bit more difficult against these factions. Thinking how easier it was, well, it is a great improvement.

There are four new factions, the First Order, Resistance, Galactic Alliance and Confederate but there are present only at skirmiss and there will not be galactic conquest with them yet.

There are some new space units showed before as the Corellian Dreadnought and all changes showed in previous news but the most relevant addition are the new heroes.

I have recorded a video showing them now, without be completed at 100% but you can take a good idea about what they go to be. The video adds descriptions about what you watch. More soon.

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