Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – New year, new progress

Star Wars Empire at War – FOC Alliance – New year, new progress

I have not published too much new post about the last progress because I could not find time for this. But the amount of additions is huge, not new units, most of the changes are the addition from four new factions and all the work arriving with them.

Before and now I want add them at skirmiss. The idea from adding them at least in the Total War GC looks good but I want update the mod before with only the skirmiss. It will be better for me because I have many files waiting to be uploaded and always it is a thing dangerous because if one day my hard drive crashes, I can lose everything. By this reason, a fast upload this week is neccesary.

The new update will bring to the mod a lot of changes and even some special units as you know if you were following all the previous news.

The new two Starhawks by example.

About the new factions running at skirmiss, there will be in time many new units but now some of them are only temporaly replacements. But I can tell you somethings about them. The First Order and Resistance will be composed mostly by canon units seen in the Disney universe. It can be unit from previous films. Other additions will be fan designs but they will be perfect for them.

One curious thing is how the First Order will use older ships but they will spawn FO fighters. At the same time, they will use the Imperial Star Destroyers but their design as the Disney design will have only turbolaser turrers in their main turrets. Other addition is a ISD MKII Tector. The version without hangar bay.

The Galactic Alliance and the Confederation had most of their units added before in the mod and they will not require a big work. Nobody noted it but I have been adding them for years, specially the space units.

About ground units. All these factions will use the units added before with some tweaks here and there. In time, you will see modifications from several units.

Finally I have added this curious big walker seen in the Rebels tv film. It is the model from Fallen game but with some changes in the model making it more good for the EAW game, the original was a very high poly model, now it is a high poly model, Anyway, it is a different model now. It required a lot of work but I could add it more intact than I believed in a first moment where I was thinking to use only the head with a complete creation from all the other parts.

I could add it today inside the game but I do not know if it goes to be a older or advanced AT-AT. Remember how not all seen in the Rebels tv serie was older. There was the TIE Defender Elite by example, now remembering, I have added it as part of the First Order forces and I would like to use this new walker for them, perhaps with some improvements.

Another addition is the Clone Z95 seen in the Episode 9, I do not like the film too much but I liked this new design of fighter watched as part of the Resistance fighters.

Now remembering, the TIE Baron will be inside the mod as part of the FO forces. I converted it many time ago and I was waiting when to add it. 😛

Well, we wait that nothing go wrong and I can update the mod this week.

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  • hey man! love the mod! have you thought about adding the new mon cal cruisers from ep. 9? like you i am not the biggest fan of the film, but there were some pretty cool designs in the massive fleet in the battle of exegol

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